Entire family goes Ubuntu

We have a dual boot PC in our home. It has Ubuntu 15.10 and Windows 10 on it. My occasional usage of this PC is done with Ubuntu. Our 5 years old son uses Ubuntu to play online games, watch movies and listen to music. I guess when he go to school we may be forced to use Windows because many educational software forced by schools run only in Windows. But this is for 2 or 3 years later and no fear yet.


Our main reason to still have Windows on our home PC is needs of my wife. She is getting her master degree from university. Needs to prepare documents for her professors so must use same office suite even with same version and same series of fonts with them, otherwise they will not accept the work. As MS Office is widely adopted in Iran, almost all hear classmates also use MS Word and MS Excel file formats to share with them. Tragedy does not ends here. Her university portal just work with specific versions of Internet Explorer. If she want to track her student information from that portal, she must use Internet Explorer. Their university e-learning program runs on Chrome after installing some stuff from Adobe, didn't try it on Ubuntu but it may not work correctly on Ubuntu too.


Windows in not legally sold in Iran and almost all installations are cracked versions. So we love to switch completely to Ubuntu. It also need lower hardware requirements. Now what we can do to switch to Ubuntu and not using Windows? Can we wait under graduation of my wife and hoping my future school of my son does not force to use Windows only educational software?


Honestly I have no definite solution. My wife is no tech savvy and is not very comfortable switch form Windows and MS Office to Ubuntu and LibreOffice. She occasionally searches the web and produces documents based on this searches.


But something has happened and is changing the stations. During last few months I released our home ADSL internet volume is consumed very fast. A 5GB limit is reached during a couple of days while in past this was lasted for couple of weeks. I started thinking what causes this. We have 3 android devices in the home. All automatic updates were on. Changed status of auto update of all to off. Checked 2 Ubuntu devices, home PC and my laptop. They were in ask before mode. All of this made situation better but still one place remained to get inspected. You guessed correct, this was Windows 10 on home PC. I checked its auto-update settings. Surprisingly find out that there is no settings for that. I was unable to make it off. Searching the internet showed that Windows 10 Home edition does not allow disabling automatic update. The only work-around is making network connection as metered so Windows does not use it for getting updates. This work-around does not work for me because our home PC is connected through Ethernet not Wi-Fi and making an Ethernet port as metered is not possible.


As we are not going to get unlimited ADSL internet account for out home, we tried to make a hard decision. Yes we decided to move all remaining activities from Windows to Ubuntu at least for a while. I hope she can read and basic modify of MS Word file in Ubuntu/LibreOffice. Hopefully she can get friendship relationship with Ubuntu, LibreOffice, Firefox and VLC media player. This morning I created a user account in Ubuntu for her. Take time to teach her how to see her emails, how to create LibreOffice Writer documents and how to add Persian characters into it. Recently I have made home PC to a media sharing machine so our son can play movies via his Android tablet device. If no bad problem occurs all of this may lead us to have a Windows free home.