2017 Kermanshah earthquake

A deadly earthquake happened in Iran-Iraq border inside Kermanshah province in 12 November 2017 at 21:48 Tehran local time. This earthquake that is internationally known as 2017 Iran-Iraq earthquake, killed 530 in Iran and 10 in Iraq. It also wounded near 7,000 people in Iran. Now, 9 days after the earthquake, I learned new points from that.

Social medias are believed that had a new impact on the this natural disaster. Media activists says that publishing earthquake news through social medias like Telegram and Instagram form the first hour of the incident has increased sensitivity of the government. This is what I personally felt despite I have not been on details of previous earthquakes like 2012 East Azerbaijan earthquakes and 2003 Bam earthquake. Every channel and group on the Telegram and every account on the Instagram were discussing about Kermanshah earthquake.

Many people from outside Kermanshah sent their none cash aids to troubled ones in the earthquake. While there is a coordinator organization named Iranian Red Crescent, many people preferred not to help through this organization. This caused incorrect aids. Injured people got goods that they do not need that at the moment. Also some goods like mineral waters wasted because of their large quantity.

I heard some numbers of fake news or fake photos. In 2 of them I saw an orphan saved from under ruins, while it was from Nepal earthquake not Kermanshah. Also saw a photo of a girl kid that was actually from Iraq civil war not Kermanshah earthquake. Many people preferred informal medias and news over formal sources like TV or newspapers in opposite of my personal style. In this case I liked IRNA, IRINN, national newspapers, Iranian Red Crescent and some confident social media channels that I personally know.

Some claims have been made during the whole incident. Like other earthquakes, this earthquake assigned to HAARP too! Commentators with weak background of science started to discuss this earthquake and relating to HAARP or a hidden weapon test. On of them go further and said that this an artificial disaster created by some powers to kill Kurds! Some of them tried (or maybe real?) to describe that helps are sent to Shia strickens more than Sunnis strickens.

Political competitions arise again just in middle of the earthquake. Current government cabinet attacked previous government attack by saying that have built low-quality buildings during Mehr housing plan. They did it just in the rush days of the earthquake without a deep study. On other hand, former cabinet mans responded to this political war.

During social media traffic after the earthquake, I found a group of volunteer developer who started working on a mobile app to manage and enhance help distributions during the earthquake. Their work is named “Kermanshah earthquake GIS system” (in Persian, سامانه جی ای اس زلزله زدگان کرمانشاه). This project still is in progress, but I hope it will create a helpful product.


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