EF Migration History not working

In our team we have developers working on same base code that uses EF Code First. All base codes are connected to same database and automatic migration is enabled. Time by time we get errors while running the application. Because some developer may be in past or forward in Model histories. In the other hand developer A may have been added Field AA to table T and developer B may have been added Field BB to table T. This may cause automatic migration to get in trouble. With some errors like table “ABC” exists before.


Today we get a similar error titled:

There is already an object named 'AspNetRoles' in the database.


My first guess was that is is caused by simultaneous but incompatible changes by developers. So checked source control history to see if anything strange has been happened or not. Found nothing unusual. As I had no clue I tried to understand values stored in __MigrationHistory table. It seemed that filed Model is data related to application model changes. It is a long data stored as binary. Googling showed me that my guess is true. I found a good article about it. It showed how to decode this data and extract human readable information from it. That was interesting. This data is in EDMX xml format. Yes EF Code First uses EDMX too but just hides it from scenes. BTW nothing in EDMX was unusual too.


I noticed that format of data in __MigrationHistory has been changed. All digits have been converted to Unicode Persian digits. Consequently I recalled that a colleague had run a T-SQL script on the database so all Arabic characters be converted to Persian characters. This is necessary specially when regarding Persian YEH and KEH characters. We rolled back this process in table __MigrationHistory and run the application once again. It worked again and there is no sign of EF migration problems. All the problem was caused by modifications in the __MigrationHistory table.

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