One year with Ubuntu

One year ago in a day similar to today I installed Ubuntu on my machine and started evaluating it. I did it not because MS Windows is a bad OS but because it is not available in the country due to political clashes and also because people tends to use cracked versions due to cultural problems. In the other side Ubuntu is not a very common OS but instead is totally free and legal.

I could not able to migrate my development tasks from Windows to Ubuntu because I'm a long term .Net developer. Also many of my clients/employers only want Windows. Instead I managed to switch to Ubuntu in my other daily tasks very quickly. LibreOffice replaced MS Office very easily. Internet browsing could be done in Ubuntu very easily too.

During the year I did my best to migrate all my tasks to Ubuntu. I found many alternatives for my previous Windows based applications like OrchardCMS and others. Also tried hard to bring APS.NET running in Ubuntu or learn Linux friendly software development platforms.


Today LibreOffice works perfectly for all my office requirements. Firefox, Chrome and Thunderbird for Ubuntu help me using Web and Email very perfectly. Gimp helps me editing images very good. I even had experiences with Inkscape for vector graphics. Integration with Windows is not bad. I can remote desktop to Windows machines just from my Ubuntu machine. Ubuntu can read FAT32/NTFS partitions good. All my previous MS Office files could be read and edited by LibreOffice too. Also my 4 years old child could use Ubuntu to access online games, play videos and music and even run games and educational applications like GCompris.

I learned many command line tools and terminal during the year. I even have an operational Ubuntu VPS live on Internet that is running WordPress, RedMine and Vtiger CRM very nicely. I do all maintenance tasks of server via terminal and it is joyful.

I have tried establishing software development environments on Ubuntu. Rails, Node.js and Java have been setup successfully. Even I was able to develop simple introductory applications with help of them and Sublime Text. It was a good experience but I still have doubts about choosing which of them to continue.

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