Migrating from Orchard CMS to WordPress

Well, it may be a little strange. Migrating from a more universal CMS like Orchard CMS to a simpler CMS like WordPress is not a job everyone wants to do. There are several tutorials for migrating from WordPress to Orchard CMS but I found few on migrating from Orchard CMS to WordPress. One of guides I found was Ricky Smith's guide.

Orchard CMS is a .Net open source CMS. It has little community in comparison with WordPress. So has fewer themes, plugins and developers. Orchard CMS is also a bit complexer than WordPress. It only install on Windows server while WordPress can be hosted on both Windows and Linux. These were my reasons to migrating from Orchard CMS to WordPress. My website was not very complex, it contained three blogs with likely 500 posts, some 30 pages and a simple data gathering form.

I found that Orchard CMS's original Import/Export module is my best chance. Select Export tab then check “Blog Post” and “Data” options and finally hit “Export” button. A file named export.xml will be downloaded for you.


There are many import plugins for WordPress. One of them that works well is “WP All Import”. With it importing data into WordPress from XML files is easy. First step is uploading XML file into it. Then specify if you are importing data into Posts or Pages. Step 2 is very important. Here you specify what section of XML file contains actual data. By adding filter options you tell the plugin what records must be imported. For me “blogpost” section had all data I needed. I used XPath based filtering mechanism to exclude some unwanted records.


In step 3 you tell “WP All Import” what data field from XML belongs to what data field in WordPress. It is drag and drop. See following picture as a sample. Don't worry for mistakes. The plugin allow to go backward/forward in steps.


Following next steps you will import data from Orchard CMS to WordPress successfully. Notice that in this scenario I haven't imported comments. Enjoy your new CMS!